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New Fee Schedule Effective October 12th, 2021

September 13, 2021 by Rebalance Toronto

rate change notice

To All of Our Valued Patients,

We would like to give you advance notice of our upcoming rate changes. We are sensitive to rate changes as we strongly believe that good quality care health care should be accessible by all. However, this past 18 months has been challenging for our business like many others. Our operating costs & service partner fees have risen significantly due to inflation and product shortages triggered by the pandemic.

We must also ensure that our extremely talented practitioners are compensated at a level that reflects their high level of education & years of experience. We stand firmly that we do not want to compromise the caliber of health practitioners we employ and the superior level of service that Rebalance is known for.

Please be assured that we have made every effort to keep our rate increase to a minimum and that we will continue to offer the most competitive rates in downtown Toronto.

Effective Monday October 12th, 2021 the new fees at Rebalance will be as follows:

Physiotherapy Assessment + Treatment (60 Mins)-$135
Physiotherapy Re-evaluation + Treatment (45 Mins)-$108
Physiotherapy Follow-Up (30 Mins)-$90
Physiotherapy Follow-Up (45 Mins)-$122
Physiotherapy Follow-Up (60 Mins)-$155

Pelvic Physiotherapy Assessment + Treatment (60 Mins)-$147
Pelvic Physiotherapy Follow-Up (30 Mins)-$97
Pelvic Physiotherapy Follow-Up (45 Mins)-$132
Pelvic Physiotherapy Follow-Up (60 Mins)-$167

Chiropractic Assessment + Treatment (40 Mins)-$115
Chiropractic Follow-Up (20 Mins)-$70
Chiropractic Follow-Up (30 Mins)-$95
Chiropractic Follow-Up (40 Mins)-$121
Chiropractic Follow-Up (60 Mins)-$175

Shockwave Therapy- Add $55 to chiro or physio visit rate

Virtual Physio/Chiro Assessment + Treatment (45 Mins)-$115
Virtual Physio/Chiro Follow Ups – Same as in person (see above)

Registered Massage Therapy (30 Mins)- $67+HST    Senior RMT (30 Mins)-$70+HST
Registered Massage Therapy (45 Mins)- $87+HST    Senior RMT (45 Mins)-$92+HST
Registered Massage Therapy (60 Mins)-$107+HST    Senior RMT (60 Mins)-$112+HST
Registered Massage Therapy (90 Mins)-$160+HST    Senior RMT (90 Mins)-$168+HST

Naturopathy Initial Assessment (60 Mins)-$197
Naturopathy Re-Evaluation (60 Mins)-$152
Naturopathy Follow Up (30 Mins)-$97
Naturopathy Acupuncture Follow Up (30 Mins)-$80

Fitness Pilates (60 Mins)-$85+HST

We genuinely appreciate your kindness and continued trust in our team. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The Rebalance Team

Rebalance Toronto

Rebalance Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Toronto offering physiotherapy, chiropractic, registered massage therapy, sports medicine, naturopathy, Pilates and more.

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