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The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Approach – Treating the Whole Person

August 5, 2014 by Rebalance Toronto

The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Approach – Physiotherapy TorontoPhysiotherapists spend several years studying to gain the knowledge required to practice a career in physiotherapy. The physiotherapists at Rebalance are dedicated and passionate about their profession and continue to take post-graduate courses and attend conferences regularly. These additional courses help to further increase their knowledge base, expand their skill-set and stay current with the evidence in order to provide the best patient experience through the most efficient treatment strategies.

The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) approach is offered by some of the physiotherapists and chiropractors at Rebalance and is an evidence-based framework that was developed by world renowned physiotherapists and lecturers Lee & Lee in 2007. This approach considers the whole person. The ISM coursework and educational program offered by Diane Lee and Linda Joy Lee teaches therapists to analyze the integration of all regions of the body in order to determine the driving cause (“driver”) for the patients’ pain experience and loss of function. Therapists who are trained with the ISM approach are able to consider connections between all parts of the body and are able to determine if the “driver” is intrinsic or extrinsic to the painful region. Therapists trained in this approach do not only assess the body region affected. Instead, they use a very systematic method of assessing the entire body in order to get to the source of the problem right from the start.

These therapists will also assess the quality of movement, muscle control and neuromuscular reactivity throughout the body to determine all areas of dysfunction. In addition they will be able to determine which of these dysfunctional areas are ‘driving’ the other areas of pain/dysfunction and which areas are simply victims of the driver. This comprehensive one-hour assessment will guide the therapist to isolate and treat the driver (underlying cause), rather than just treating painful areas. This approach is streamlined to achieve treatment goals in fewer visits, with maximum efficiency and efficacy.

Who is a Good Candidate for the ISM Approach:

  1. Anyone who has pain or a functional limitation
  2. Anyone who has not had much success with traditional physiotherapy approaches
  3. Anyone who responds to treatments temporarily
  4. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or chronic injuries
  5. Anyone who has multiple injuries or regions of dysfunction
  6. Anyone who has worked hard to strengthen a part of their body but are unable to maintain the changes
  7. Anyone who has trouble breathing deeply
  8. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an email about your condition and we can help determine if this is right for you [email protected].

Contact us and book your 1 hour comprehensive assessment today. Please mention that you are interested in seeing one of our ISM physiotherapists. You are a great candidate if you have had traditional physiotherapy services in the past without much success.

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