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Compression Hosiery in Downtown Toronto

Compression Hosiery Toronto

Visit our clinics in downtown Toronto for your compression hosiery needs. Compression garments are medical grade socks, stockings and pantyhose that are specifically designed to deliver a controlled amount of pressure to your lower extremities.

Whether for occasional travel or everyday use our staff can help you find the best pair of compression socks and/or hosiery to improve your leg health needs.

How Does Compression Hosiery Work?

Blood circulates through the body through a series of blood vessels called veins and arteries by means of the pumping mechanism of the heart. Arteries generally pump blood away from the heart to facilitate distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.

Veins generally help to return the blood back to the heart. Our venous return system involves valves within the veins that prevent backflow of blood. When the venous system is insufficient, the blood can sometimes flow backwards and pool in the legs. This is when compression hosiery can be helpful.

Prescription compression hosiery are very snug garments with carefully designed gradients of pressure giving the most compression in the foot and ankle and progressively less up the leg. This compression gradient promotes better venous and lymphatic return by influencing the pressure of the circulatory system within your legs.

Who Should Wear Compression Hosiery?

The hosiery is frequently recommended by physicians to help individuals who suffer from varicose veins or swelling in the legs. They are also prescribed for individuals who stand or sit from long hours, during pregnancy and for long flights to improve venous and lymphatic blood flow.

Many endurance athletes also use sport compression socks to improve blood return from the legs as they compete.

Why Purchase your Compression Hosiery from Rebalance?

Our compression hosiery fitters have the knowledge and skills to measure your leg and recommend the best pair of hosiery for your lifestyle and specific needs. We offer a wide assortment of dress socks and sport socks for men and women in addition to knee, thigh, and full-length pantyhose.

Our staff take the time to help you through the entire process including the fitting and measurement, sizing, ordering and guidance while you are submitting your claim through your extended health benefits (if applicable).

Your expert fitter will show you how to put the socks on, remove them, and explain caring for them if you are not familiar with compression garments. We will also ensure that you have a detailed receipt and letter if necessary to remit to your insurer.

What’s Involved in the Appointment?

Prescription compression hosiery are snug garments (socks or stockings) with a carefully designed gradient of pressure giving the most compression in the foot and ankle and progressively less up the leg.

Because of this, careful measurement is important to achieve a correct fit. A fitting appointment will only take 10-15 minutes but should be booked as early in the morning as possible with measurements in the first hour upon waking being the most ideal.

Fluid accumulates in the legs beginning shortly after getting up in the morning and will affect the measurement and sizing. We ask that you bring your doctor’s prescription with you to the appointment so that we can adhere to the guidelines set by your physician.

You will need to wear loose pants or shorts while we measure you. During your first visit, we will show you all the compression hosiery options you can choose from and help you select the best product(s) for you as we carry a wide array of colours, fabrics, textures and lengths.

When Do I Need To Replace My Hoisery?

The compression weave of the hosiery does relax over time and typically requires replacement about once a year. The rate of wear will depend on the amount of wear and the care of the socks or stockings.

Once a pair begins to feel easier to put on, early signs of breakdown may be visible and replacement may be necessary.

Insurance Information

Medical grade compression hosiery may be covered by your extended health benefits package but many plans will require a prescription from your physician.

We always recommend contacting your insurance provider in advance to determine what you are covered and if there are any restrictions to your coverage.

Contact us today if you would like more information or if you are interested in booking a consultation with our compression hosiery expert.

Our Downtown Toronto Compression Hosiery Expert

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