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Pilates in Downtown Toronto

Pilates in Downtown Toronto

Our facilities in downtown Toronto focus on one-on-one private Pilates sessions offered by experienced Pilates instructors who have advanced training in rehabilitation and special conditions. Pilates is a safe and effective exercise system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century.

Pilates exercises will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, enhance the activation of your postural muscles, challenge your cardiovascular system and improve your overall fitness. The focus of all Pilates exercises is on appropriate alignment of the spine and pelvis with an emphasis on breathing and inner unit core muscles.

One-on-one Pilates sessions are individualized to your specific needs in order to optimize your performance in work, life and play!

Why Choose Rebalance For Pilates?

At Rebalance Sports Medicine, our Pilates instructors are highly skilled and have additional advanced training in injuries and special populations. Our expertise includes developing individualized fitness programs for all levels, including pre & post natal as well as rehabilitation programming for individuals recovering from injury. Our Pilates instructors have taken numerous courses and have a wide repertoire of Pilates exercises to ensure that you are challenged at each session.

There are two options for 1-on-1 Pilates at Rebalance. The first option is our Fitness Pilates Program which is meant for individuals looking to improve their fitness and who are injury and pain-free. The second option is our Corrective Exercise Program, which is meant for individuals with injuries, pain or other health concerns (including pre & post natal).

In the Corrective Exercise Program, one of our expert physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment and from that develop an individualized sequence of exercises specific to your muscle imbalances and recovery needs.  The physiotherapy assistant, who also has training in Pilates, will guide you through the exercise program, will monitor and educate you on form and technique and offer cues that will help you get the most out of your exercise program. This will help you achieve your physiotherapy goals faster. If the Corrective Exercise Program is recommended and supervised by your physiotherapist at Rebalance then it can be covered by your extended health benefits.

1-on-1 Fitness Pilates Sessions

During your one-on-one Pilates session you will work with an experienced Pilates instructor on a variety of individualized exercises. Your Pilates instructor will coach you through challenging sequences and help you become aware of your compensation strategies.

Your sessions of guided exercise will be specific to your needs, and goals. You will use specialized Pilates’ equipment including the reformer, stability balls, toning balls and fitness circle.

In addition, your instructor may teach you mat based exercises that you can work on at home so that you can progress to more advanced exercises sooner. You will notice and feel the changes in your body even after your first session.

1-on-1 Corrective Exercise Program

At Rebalance we believe in getting patients better and keeping them that way. This is why we have developed a very unique approach to patient care that is unlike any other clinic and the results are phenomenal.

Your Physiotherapist at Rebalance will conduct a full and comprehensive assessment to determine the root of your problem and figure out what mechanical dysfunctions and muscle imbalances exist. Your physiotherapist will treat your condition using a multi-modal and scientifically based approach. At the same time, you will see our Physiotherapy Assistant who is a Certified Pilates Instructor. The Instructor will guide you through a supervised exercise routine. Your Physio and Instructor will work together to develop an individualized corrective exercise sequence that is specific to your needs and your muscle imbalances.

Corrective Exercise for Injuries

If you have an injury and you are looking for a speedy recovery, our Corrective Exercise Program may be a great option for you. If your injury started gradually and for no apparent reason, then it is likely that you have a muscle imbalance or postural dysfunction. This approach will resolve your muscle imbalances through low impact focused exercises.

Alternatively, if your injury is a result of a specific incident, including falling, twisting or being hit, then your muscles may be injured and the pain may inhibit their function and limit your strength. Corrective exercise can encourage the right muscles to activate and help you get stronger once again.

Corrective Exercise for Pre & Post Natal

Corrective exercise that incorporates principles of Pilates is a safe form of exercise that will help you stay in shape during and after your pregnancy and minimize discomfort that can arise as your body changes. Pre-natal Pilates prepares you for a comfortable pregnancy & delivery and because Pilates engages your deep core, pelvic floor and hip musculature your body will recover faster post-pregnancy.

Post-natal Pilates will help you get back into shape after your pregnancy. The focus will be on correcting the muscle imbalances that developed during your pregnancy. You will also work on strengthening and toning your extremities so that you have the strength to care for your new baby.

One of our expert physiotherapists will initiate and supervise your pre and post-natal Pilates care. Additionally, the physiotherapist will work with you to help you manage your body aches using a gentle manual therapy approach.

Contact us today to schedule your Pilates session or to receive more information about our Pilates services.

Our Downtown Toronto Pilates Instructors

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