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Swing into the Golf season with BodyWorks

June 30, 2017 by Rebalance Toronto

golf swing - bodyworksSpring is here and the back nine is calling! Before you hit the links, you should hit the studio for a BodyWorks tune-up to ensure a strong season on the green.

The following Joga Foundation moves improve strength, mobility and balance while providing preventative care and stability to joints. These stretches are a must for all golfers and depending on your body type and posture, your Joga instructor can choose some additional poses that will benefit you.

Bird Dog

Bird DogA strong core is the foundation of an effective golf swing.

Build core strength, back health and rotational stability.

Come into Table Top, with your wrists aligned with your shoulder and knees with your hips, toes curled under. Brace your core: squeeze the lower belly in, pull front ribs towards back ribs and keep your sternum lengthened.

Extend your right leg back, keeping your ankle dorsiflexed, then extend your left arm forward. Take 3-5 breaths in this position, then switch sides.

Hovering Table

Hovering TableFrom Table Top, brace your core, press hands into the ground and lift knees up 2 inches. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Repeat both sides.






CobraSpinal extension and thoracic spine mobility are important for back health in a sport where you are in a flexed and rotated position much of the time.

From a lowered plank position, hands by your shoulders, core engaged, slowly lift your upper torso off the ground. Hold for 3-5 breaths.





AirplaneA powerful golf swing requires balance, hip mobility and glute strength.

With knees slightly bent and legs squeezing together, slowly lift one foot off the ground with ankle flexed. With your core braced, inhale and hinge at the hip to extend hovering leg behind you. Exhale to bring leg forward, bringing knees to touch. Balance on supporting leg. Repeat 3-5 times and from both sides.



Athletic Lunge

Athletic LungeBuild low body strength and stability with the athletic lunge. From a lunge position, keep back leg bent to 90 degrees, lift arms overhead. Exhale lower, inhale lift. Repeat 3-5 times and from both sides.




Lunge Twist

Lunge TwistWorking on golf posture and stride, from the Athletic Lunge position bring fingertips together at the bottom of your sternum. Straighten your back leg and shift forward slightly. Inhale to lengthen your spine, and exhale to twist. Repeat both sides.




Chair Pose Side Stretch

Chair Pose Side StretchLegs together, knees bent into a chair position. Lift arms above head, palms facing each other. Clasp right wrist with left hand. Inhale lift arm up, exhale breath info your ribs and slowly laterally flex to the left. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Repeat other side.




At Rebalance Sports Medicine, we offer Body Works sessions where you will be guided through individualized Joga poses to build strength and stability. After challenging your muscles during your Joga session, you will be led into deep stretches utilizing Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques in order to mobilize your joint, muscle and fascial restrictions.

Contact Rebalance Sports Medicine to book your BodyWorks session today.

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