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Get Ready for Ski Season

ski season torontoNow it’s officially a bit cold outside and most people are sad to have the cozy fall days behind us. But us skiers have a been waiting anxiously for all this wonderful snow, and this season’s upcoming ski trips! Think ahead this year to getting your body ready for the physical requirements for skiing as it’s not quite like any other summer/fall activity that you’ve been keeping busy with up until now. ACL, MCL, and meniscus injuries are all common ski injuries that can certainly put a damper on the fun and can leave you missing out on at least the rest of the season.

Skiing is an activity that requires strength, endurance, agility, power and high level balance/proprioception. Often our mind thinks we can do what we did last year, or 10 years ago, but our body isn’t quite at the same physical fitness as last year.

Here are 6 exercises to get started on a good 6 weeks before hitting the slopes.

Side Step Band Squats

  • Tie a Band around your thighs just above the knees
  • Send the bum back into a mini squat position keeping the knees over the ankle
  • Keep in the mini squat position and keep knees back and wide
  • Side step 10 times in 1 direction and 10 times back
  • Repeat 3 groups

Upside Down Bosu Ball Squats

  • Using something for balance step up onto the flat black side of a bosu ball
  • Making sure to keep the knees wide and over the ankle repeat 10-15 squats to 90 degrees
  • * Don’t worry that its shaky, that’s the whole point! Snow isn’t always stable.
  • Repeat 3 groups

1 Leg Deadlifts

  • Stand on 1 leg keeping a slight bend in the knee
  • Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell with both hand
  • Keep the spine neutral and hinge forward at the hip
  • Be sure to go slowly and with control down and on the way back up
  • Repeat 2 groups of 10 per leg

1 Leg Squat / Step Down on Step

  • Stand on a small step with 1 leg on the step and the other leg out in front
  • Keep the knee over the ankle and point it forward towards your 2nd and 3rd toe
  • Send the bum back into a 1 leg squat
  • HINT: use the back of the front lower leg on the front of the step for balance help if you are new to this exercise
  • Complete 2 groups of 10 per leg

Ski Jumps

  • Stand on the ground with knees slightly bent
  • Jump side to side over a line or small step
  • Land softly sinking into your legs and imagine yourself flying through the moguls
  • Complete 30 seconds 4 times

Bosu One Leg Balance

  • Stand on one leg with the blue ½ moon ball side facing up on the Bosu
  • Need a challenge, close your eyes!
  • 30 seconds x 4 / side

If you need any help with these exercises or are wondering about a pre-existing injury that may impact you this ski season contact us at Rebalance Sports Medicine

Happy Skiing!

Bonnie Winship, Physiotherapist

Bonnie Winship is a registered physiotherapist practicing at Rebalance Sports Medicine in downtown Toronto.

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